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Xenical (Orlistat) is used as an appetite suppressant in diet-induced obesity. Xenical is the last lifestyle Praperat in the field of diet pills. Acomplia and Reductil were banned.
“Overweight (obesity, obesity)”


Xenical (Orlistat) is a means for the reduction of body weight. It inhibits enzymes which split fats in the gut (lipases) and provide its actual inclusion in the body. By inhibiting these enzymes, fat excreted undigested, reduced calorie intake, and improves the lipid levels in the blood.

Taking xenical must on a balanced, low-calorie, high-fiber, light diet (low-fat!) be taken into account, otherwise it comes to the so-called fat chairs.

The treatment with xenical should be done within the framework of a holistic therapy with change in eating habits, behaviour, and physical activity.

Tip: A slightly better nutrition and disclaimer on fast food xenical could help greatly. Would a small diet that’s otherwise long take to his folgre to verspuhren gets thus aid orlistat (xenical) and can significantly better achievements recorded.

Medical information about orlistat and its side effects

Active ingredient: Orlistat

Dosages: The slimming tablets contain 120 mg of the active ingredient. If you buy more pills xenical generic, you get a lower price per tablet, as well as bonus pills.

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Occupy one xenical tablet to each main meal or up to 1 hour afterwards. 3 tablets per day should not be exceeded. If a meal contains no or only very little fat, the income can be omitted accordingly.

Care during treatment with the generic xenical on a balanced, fat and low-calorie diet to avoid while harmless but unpleasant side effects.

Xenical effect

The active ingredient of orlistat takes direct effect on digestion. Fat-digesting enzymes are inhibited, resulting in an undigested excretion of excess dietary fat. The body in the long term and also permanently effective weight lose through the reduced fat intake.


The tablets for weight loss have proven particularly effective in medical studies. Unfortunately, there are circumstances under which you should not use the drug.

Under following auspices must see off from treatment:

During pregnancy and lactation
When hypersensitivity to orlistat
Chronic malabsorption syndrome
When cholestasis
Xenical side effects

Because orlistat interferes directly in the digestive system, side effects in the gastrointestinal tract are not completely ruled out.

Always consult your doctor before you buy xenical generic. After a thorough examination, the physician will determine whether orlistat is right for you and in what dosage. Only after the doctor has weighed the benefits and risks of all, you can buy xenical generic.

The most common side effects are:

Fat chairs
Unpleasant Chair lubrication
Increased bowel movements
Lack of fat-soluble vitamins
The list of the side effects of the active substance orlistat can claim to completeness. Consult prior to the application of the weight-loss tablets from the doctor, to avoid possible unwanted side effects. Notwithstanding the possibility of prescription to order the product, you must consult your doctor necessarily. Because the use of orlistat is contraindicated for some disease.


Pharmacologically documented interactions are not known so far. However, you should let monitor your values by simultaneous intake of antidiabetic drugs. The same is true when a treated with anticoagulant drugs. Orlistat can the blood levels of the immunosuppressant Ciclosporinsenken why you should leave this value also monitor.

By the concurrent revenue of appetite suppressants, it is discouraged.

Special notes

The degrees between the desired effect and adverse events is very narrow at the active ingredient orlistat. Although it is desirable that excess fat is excreted undigested again, however this can be very uncomfortable in larger quantities. When you reduce the fat in food intake, the side effects to a minimum can be mitigated.

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The release form: round Orange tablets which have the number “20” on the other side – trademark of company Bayer on one of the pages.

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How to use: Take xenical in the Switzerland 20-30 minutes before sex. Recommended starting dose is 10 mg (one half Tablet). It is recommended taking 5 mg for men that are older than 60 years. You should take not xenical more than once a day. Xenical buy can be combined with all food or alcohol.

Interactions with medication: dosage of xenical should be not more than 5 mg in combination with ketoconazole, erythromycin, itraconazole original. It is forbidden to take medication with nitrogen donors, nitrates, and sexual enhancers associated with other.


Allergy to the constituents of the medicinal
Persons under 18 years of age;
Prohibition of sexual activity
Angina Pectoris
Extension of QT
More than before 6 months transferred heart attack or stroke
Arrhythmia with the signs of a strengthening in the physical activity
Renal insufficiency
Deformation of the penis

Possible side effects:

Redness of facial skin;
Headache, dizziness;
Paranasal sinuses;
Pain in the back;

Usually, the side effects were rare, and generally disappear.

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Philosophical perception of life is everything destined by fate, including the joys and sorrows, to take. It should be seen as a reward for work, love of other delights. Suffering are given to US as a test of character.

Generic  – potency of the new generation

The original sexual enhancers such as cialis, xenical and viagra cost dearly. In such cases, the whatever pharmacies offer the alternative variant – generic. And here appear doubts. If generic drugs are as effective and safe as the originals, why is the price for them in the dozens of times of less? Is there a trick or deception?

As well as what the price of the original remedy is made? We will begin with the moment when the existing fabric was just invented. In this stage, the specialists of the company are working on the formula of the future preparation, the costly tests, organize the production, make the advertising. It costs millions. Selling all the necessary means to recoup these costs. In addition, the manufacturer is the maximum possible income. And because it is monopoly on the manufacture and sale of the product in the course of twenty years after the beginning of the production, so it finds the prices at its sole discretion.

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After the expiration of the twenty-year period, the company loses the advantages, and any congratulatory society can produce the product according to the same original formula. The result is the competition, the price falls sharply. The producer company has already received the lion’s share of income, covered the cost of the invention, testing, advertising and production. The new companies that emit generic drugs, sell the product after the much lower prices. But the production of resources covers and discards the good profit, since drugs are manufactured according to the finished fulfilled formula, already have the fame and popularity, the advertising costs are minimal.

Originator will disappear gradually according to the laws of the market, their production is stopped. Give way to generic – cheaper analogues of domestic or foreign origin. Viagra, cialis and xenical – is no exception. Such scheme – generally for all medical preparations.


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